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Selected Plenary Lectures and Key-Note Contributions of the two events FULLCOMP – Meeting FULLy integrated analysis, design, manufacturing and health-monitoring of COMPosite structures and 23rd Congress of AIDAA, Associazione Italiana di Aeronatica ed Astronautica November 17-21, 2015, Torino, Italy

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Composite structures are massively exploited in many engineering fields. For instance, the state-of-the-art civil aircraft (B787 and A350) are mostly made of composite materials. The design of composites leads to challenging tasks since those competencies that stemmed from the adoption of metallic materials are often inadequate for composites. Insights on many different disciplines and tight academic/industrial cooperation are required to fully exploit composite structure capabilities.


        2016       :سال نشر       
Erasmo Carrera  :نويسنده
Trans Tech :انتشارات
S05-Structure :کد و دسته

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