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آيروديناميک توربين محوري براي موتورهاي هوايي: آناليز جريان و طراحي آيروديناميک

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This book is a monograph on aerodynamics of aero-engine gas turbines focusing on the new progresses on flow mechanism and design methods in the recent 20 years. Starting with basic principles in aerodynamics and thermodynamics, this book systematically expounds the recent research on mechanisms of flows in axial gas turbines, including high pressure and low pressure turbines, inter-turbine ducts and turbine rear frame ducts, and introduces the classical and innovative numerical evaluation methods in different dimensions. This book also summarizes the latest research achievements in the field of gas turbine aerodynamic design and flow control, and the multidisciplinary conjugate problems involved with gas turbines. This book should be helpful for scientific and technical staffs, college teachers, graduate students, and senior college students, who are involved in research and design of gas turbines.


        2018       :سال نشر       

Zhengping Zou,

 Songtao WangHuoxing LiuWeihao Zhang

Springer :انتشارات
P06-Propulsion :کد و دسته

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