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Section 1 Organization and Management of the Maintenance Function
Chapter 1. Redefining Maintenance—Delivering Reliability Scott Franklin 1.3
Chapter 2. Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Maintenance R. Keith Mobley 1.9
Chapter 3. Maintenance and Reliability Engineering R. Keith Mobley 1.17
Chapter 4. Cooperative Partnerships Jeff Nevenhoven 1.23
Chapter 5. Effective Maintenance Organizations Randy Heisler 1.31
Chapter 6. Operating Policies of Effective Maintenance Tom Dabbs 1.39
Chapter 7. Six Sigma Safety: Applying Quality Management Principles to Foster a Zero-Injury Safety Culture Michael Williamsen 1.55

Section 2 The Horizons of Maintenance Management
Chapter 1. Corrective Maintenance R. Keith Mobley 2.3
Chapter 2. Reliability-Based Preventive Maintenance R. Keith Mobley 2.7
Chapter 3. Predictive Maintenance R. Keith Mobley 2.19

Chapter 4. Reliability-Centered Maintenance Darrin Wikoff 2.35
Chapter 5. Total Productive Maintenance R. Keith Mobley 2.41
Chapter 6. Maintenance Repair and Operations—Storeroom Excellence Wally Wilson 2.59
Chapter 7. Computerized Planning and Scheduling Thomas A. Gober 2.79
Chapter 8. Computer-Based Maintenance Management Systems R. Keith Mobley 2.91

Section 3  Engineering and Analysis Tools
Chapter 1. Economics of Reliability Robert Fei 3.3
Chapter 2. Work Measurement Bruce Wesner 3.19
Chapter 3. Rating and Evaluating Maintenance Workers Robert (Bob) Call 3.65
Chapter 4. Work Simplification in Maintenance Al Emeneker 3.89
Chapter 5. Estimating Repair and Maintenance Costs Tim Kister 3.107
Chapter 6. Key Performance Indicators John Cray 3.121
Chapter 7. Maintenance Engineer’s Toolbox Shon Isenhour 3.133
Chapter 8. Root Cause Analysis Darrin Wikoff 3.153

Section 4  Maintenance of Plant Facilities
Chapter 1. Maintenance of Low-Sloped Membrane Roofs Donald R. Mapes and Dennis J. McNeil 4.3
Chapter 2. Concrete Industrial Floor Surfaces: Design, Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Robert F. Ytterberg 4.17 

Chapter 3. Maintenance and Cleaning of Brick Masonry Structures Brian E. Trimble 4.27
Chapter 4. Maintenance of Elevators and Special Lifts Jerry Robertson 4.43
Chapter 5. Air-Conditioning Equipment Martin A. Scicchitano 4.53
Chapter 6. Ventilating Fans and Exhaust Systems R. Keith Mobley 4.87
Chapter 7. Dust-Collecting and Air-Cleaning Equipment Lee Twombly and Samuel G. Dunkle 4.111

Section 5  Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment
Chapter 1. Plain Bearings R. Keith Mobley 5.3
Chapter 2. Rolling-Element Bearings Daniel R. Snyder 5.19
Chapter 3. Flexible Couplings for Power Transmission Terry Hall 5.45
Chapter 4. Chains for Power Transmission Frank B. Kempf 5.73
Chapter 5. Cranes: Overhead and Gantry William S. Chapin 5.83
Chapter 6. Chain Hoists R. C. Dearstyne 5.91
Chapter 7. Belt Drives Dan Parsons and Tim Taylor 5.99
Chapter 8. Mechanical Variable-Speed Drives Carl March 5.145
Chapter 9. Gear Drives and Speed Reducers Robert G. Smith 5.161
Chapter 10. Reciprocating Air Compressors R. Keith Mobley 5.185
Chapter 11. Valves Terry Hall 5.197
Chapter 12. Pumps: Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Carl March

Section 6 Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
Chapter 1. Electric Motors Shon Isenhour 6.3
Chapter 2. Maintenance of Motor Control Components Shon Isenhour 6.39
Chapter 3. Maintenance of Industrial Batteries (Lead-Acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-Iron) Terry Hall 6.79

Section 7 Instruments and Reliability Tools
Chapter 1. Mechanical Instruments for Measuring Process Variables
R. Keith Mobley 7.3
Chapter 2. Electrical Instruments for Measuring, Servicing, and Testing
R. Keith Mobley 7.43
Chapter 3. Vibration: Its Analysis and Correction R. Keith Mobley 7.69
Chapter 4. An Introduction to Thermography R. Keith Mobley 7.105
Chapter 5. Tribology R. Keith Mobley 7.127

Section 8 Lubrication
Chapter 1. The Organization and Management of Lubrication F. Alverson, T. C. Mead, W. H. Stein, and A. C. Witte 8.3
Chapter 2. Lubricating Devices and Systems Duane C. Allen 8.13
Chapter 3. Planning and Implementing a Good Lubrication Program R. Keith Mobley 8.27

Section 9 Chemical Corrosion Control and Cleaning
Chapter 1. Corrosion Control Denny Bardoliwalla and Klaus Wittel 9.3
Chapter 2. Industrial Chemical Cleaning Methods Robert Haydu, W. Emerson Brantley III, and Jerry Casenhiser 9.17
Chapter 3. Painting and Protective Coatings Bryant (Web) Chandler 9.35
Chapter 4. Piping Tyler G. Hicks 9.55
Chapter 5. Scaffolds and Ladders Colin P. Bennett 9.91

Section 10 Maintenance Welding
Chapter 1. Arc Welding in Maintenance J. E. Hinkel 10.3
Chapter 2. Gas Welding in Maintenance Engineers of L-TEC Welding and Cutting Systems 10.63

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