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Aircraft Control Allocation addresses the problem of allocating supposed redundant flight controls. It provides introductory material on flight dynamics and control to provide the context, and then describes in detail the geometry of the problem. The book includes a large section on solution methods, including 'Banks' method', a previously unpublished procedure. Generalized inverses are also discussed at length. There is an introductory section on linear programming solutions, as well as an extensive and comprehensive appendix dedicated to linear programming formulations and solutions. Discrete-time, or frame-wise allocation, is presented, including rate-limiting, nonlinear data, and preferred solutions.

 Key features:

The book is a vital reference for researchers and practitioners working in aircraft control, as well as graduate students in aerospace engineering.

        2017       :سال نشر      
Wayne DurhamKenneth A. BordignonRoger Beck
Wiley :انتشارات
D04-Dynamics&Control :کد و دسته

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