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محرک هاي هوافضايي 2: سيگنال با سيم و قدرت با سيم

درباره کتاب:

This book is the second in a series of volumes that cover the topic of aerospace actuators following a systems-based approach.This second volume brings an original, functional and architectural vision to electric aerospace actuators. The aspects of signal (Signal-by-Wire) and power (Power-by-Wire) are treated from the point of view of necessity, their evolution throughout history, and operational solutions both existing and in development.

This volume is based on an extensive bibliography, numerous supporting examples and orders of magnitude which refer to flight commands and landing gear for various aircraft (planes, helicopters and missile launchers) in commercial, private and military applications. The topics covered in this set of books constitute a significant source of information for individuals and engineers from a variety of disciplines, seeking to learn more about aerospace hydraulics.


        2017       :سال نشر       
Jean-Charles Maré :نويسنده
Wiley-ISTE :انتشارات
AS05-Avionics&Systems :کد و دسته

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